was a website that served the people of Brisbane & beyond by connecting people through chat rooms, events, news, classifieds, artists, music, competitions & more. The site launched in Jan 2001 & was manually updated 6 days/week for a number of years. The last day it was updated was Fri 18 Apr 2008.

You can still easily access the site by using the Way Back Machine here.

One important part of the website was the Salvation Prayer & Guestbook. Many people signed the guestbook to let us know they'd prayed the salvation prayer on the site. You can't sign the guestbook today but will you pray the prayer now if you haven't already???


Salvation Prayer & Guestbook

God wants everyone to be saved and come to know Him. He created us and technically let this mess we live in happen, so thankfully He provides us with a great rescue plan we call "salvation". It's worth checking out.

If you're in a bit of a hurry, skip straight to the Salvation Prayer.
If you've got a bit of time take a look at the salvation basics below then move on to the Salvation Prayer.

Salvation Basics

The human make-up is: spirit, soul, body. Salvation is primarily concerned with our spirit.

When we are born our spirit is already dead because of the sin of Adam - it has nothing to do with us. Adam has a lot of explaining to do! Through his rebellious actions he is the default spiritual father of everyone.

Salvation is...
the act of God swapping our dead spirit for a living spirit. God destroys our dead spirit (called "fire baptism") along with its history of sins which are paid for, thanks to Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross. When this is done we are pure & the Holy Spirit makes us His home. We are given a new living spirit (called being "born again") which can't die. Sin is the only way a spirit can die and God is no longer counting sins against it/us. Therefore God declares us holy, righteous & perfect forever. God then is our new spiritual Father, the way it was always intended, and we are His children. Through the Holy Spirit within us Jesus lives through us and does the work of the Father in the world around us. The Bible makes it clear that our lives should reveal that God is alive and living in and working through us.

So how do you receive salvation? The answer is through prayer and faith. It's a one-off event. We have provided a fairly comprehensive prayer here which we hope explains things a little as it goes.

So if you already haven't done so, now is a great time to pray the prayer. Make today the day of your salvation.

Salvation Prayer

God is listening. Talking to Him and listening to Him is called "prayer". Talk with Him like you would with a person you honour and respect.

In saying the following to Him, from both the heart and mind, you are spiritually born again and become His child.

Say this to God...
Lord, thank you for offering me the gift of eternal life.

I admit that my life doesn't always reveal how wonderful you are. I realise I cannot bring to life the dead spirit I was born with.

Jesus Christ, your Son, died to remove my dead spirit with its sins for ever. He rose again to give me a new, living spirit so the Holy Spirit can live in me.

Therefore I accept your free gift of salvation and accept you, Jesus, as my personal Lord & Saviour. Come and live in me now through the Holy Spirit.

Now that you have, I put my complete trust in you alone for every aspect of my daily life and for life everlasting. I turn away from the lifestyle I have been leading and instead make myself available to you every moment so that you can live & work through me, doing whatever you want. Help me to live a life of faith in you, learning to trust you more and more.

Thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.

That's it!

If you have said that to God, and really meant it, you can be sure that He heard you and gave you a new spirit. You are now His child. You have a place reserved for you in heaven. You are perfect in His sight. Jesus lives in you. Learn to rely on Him. Pray all the time. Read the Bible - especially the New Testament. Find out what He wants you to do. Let Him do whatever He wants through you. Tell everyone what He has done.

If we don't see you beforehand... see you in heaven. We're hoping to have a stall there so come up and say "Hi" :)
      These 81 people have been saved through praying the Salvation Prayer on the left...

:: April 2003 - April 2008

Chrystal from Wooloowin, Brisbane (Thu 10 Apr 2008)

Sol from Venezuela (Fri 04 Apr 2008)

Emmanuel from Lome, Togo Republic (Wed 02 Apr 2008)

Matthaios from unknown (Thu 21 Feb 2008)

Lawrence from Accra, Ghana (Thu 31 Jan 2008)

Jeremiah from New Delhi, India (Fri 14 Dec 2007)

Jay-ar from Phillipines (Wed 28 Nov 2007)

Jessica from Cocodey, Cote D'Ivoire (Fri 07 Sep 2007)

Samantha (Tue 26 Jun 2007)

Jasmyn from Vietnam (Sun 24 June 2007)

Cara from USA (Mon 18 Jun 2007)

Kerrie-anne from Yamba, Australia (Sun 06 May 2007)

Mai from Brisbane, Australia (Thu 03 May 2007)

Sara from Brazil (Sat 07 Apr 2007)

Delia from Bonaire, Dutch Antilles (Sat 17 Mar 2007)

Harry from Gold Coast, Australia (Tue 06 Feb 2007)

Allan from Brisbane, Australia (Mon 15 Jan 2007)

Wendy from Darwin, Australia (Sun 10 Dec 2006)

Weixiaoli from China (Sun 03 Dec 2006)

Jenny L from Melbourne, Australia (Mon 27 Nov 2006)

Jani from Childers, Australia (Mon 13 Nov 2006)

Natalie from Brisbane, Australia (Fri 10 Nov 2006)

Duncan from Brisbane, Australia (Fri 27 Oct 2006)

Kate from Melbourne, Australia (Mon 02 Oct 2006)

Jean from Burnie, Australia (Sun 10 Sep 2006)

David from Logan City, Australia (Sat 09 Sep 2006)

Peter from Gatineau, Canada (Mon 14 Aug 2006)

Tara from Narrabri, Australia (Thu 13 July 2006)

Peter from Warwick, Australia (Wed 12 July 2006)

Wayne from Brisbane, Australia (Fri 12 May 2006)

Anna from Mauritius (Fri 12 May 2006)

Emma from Melbourne, Australia (Tue 09 May 2006)

Marnie from Brisbane, Australia (Sat 06 May 2006)

Mike (Wed 05 April 2006)

Terry from Brisbane, Australia (Mon 03 April 2006)

Saltu from Turkey (Mon 03 April 2006)

Courtney from Maryborough, Australia (Sat 25 March 2006)

Julie from Melbourne, Australia (Sun 19 March 2006)

Marc from Quebec, Canada (Sun 05 March 2006)

Erin from Florida, USA (Thu 23 Feb 2006)

Lynny from Brisbane, Australia (Wed 22 Feb 2006)

Bek from Australia (Sat 21 Jan 2006)

Frank (Mon 09 Jan 2006)

Hiermanrif from Marocco (Thu 15 Dec 2005)

Pk from Indiana, USA (Wed 09 Nov 2005)

Keijo from Sweden (Mon 24 Oct 2005)

Roslyn from Brisbane, Australia (Thu 25 Aug 2005)

Toto from Burirum, Thailand (Sun 14 Aug 2005)

Sara from Banora Point, Australia (Wed 10 Aug 2005)

Ronny from Johor, Malaysia (Sun 31 Jul 2005)

Anna from Brisbane, Australia (Tue 05 Jul 2005)

Peter and Lucy from Brisbane, Australia (Wed 29 Jun 2005)

Jufen from Brisbane, Australia (Wed 29 Jun 2005)

M. Anburaj from South India (Thu 23 Jun 2005)

Luke from Brisbane, Australia (Thu 14 Apr 2005)

Joey from Capiz Roxas, Philippines (Wed 06 Apr 2005)

Rhonda from Virginia, USA (Tue 05 April 2005)

Brett from Toowoomba, Australia (Mon 21 March 2005)

Cleo from South Africa (Mon 03 Jan 2005)

Rae from Rochester, Australia (Wed 15 December 2004)

John from New Kensington, USA (Wed 29 Sep 2004)

Tammie from QLD, Australia (Sat 17 Apr 2004)

Wentai from Singapore (Thu 15 Apr 2004)

Sherry from Ohio, USA (Fri 26 March 2004)

christo from Varna, Bulgaria (Tue 17 Feb 2004)

Stacie from Ballina, Australia (Tue 03 Feb 2004)

Jacqueline from Las Vegas, USA (Fri 16 Jan 2004)

Raymond from Los Angeles, USA (Mon 01 Dec 2003)

John from Ontario, Canada (Mon 17 Nov 2003)

Linda from Texas, USA (Wed 12 Nov 2003)

Mary from UK (Tue 04 Nov 2003)

Grischa from Duesseldorf, Germany (Sat 01 Nov 2003)

Gregory from Mumbai, India (Sun 26 Oct 2003)

Linda from Brisbane, Australia (Tue 14 Oct 2003)

Angie from Brisbane, Australia (Fri 25 Jul 2003)

Nick from Brisbane, Australia (Mon 14 Jul 2003)

Gem from Brisbane, Australia (Fri 11 Jul 2003)

Thunder from Brisbane, Australia (Sat 21 Jun 2003)

Kimberley from Brisbane, Australia (Thu 12 Jun 2003)

Gareth from Brisbane, Australia (Thu 15 May 2003)

Brad from Brisbane, Australia (Fri 09 May 2003)